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Innokin iTaste 134 MX series

Innokin iTaste 134 MX series

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Requires external 18650 battery cell.

The 134MX-Z is built in the same durable, eye-catching style as the iTaste 134 and has Zodiac constellations engraved on the inner sleeve.

Silver plated firing pins give the 134MX-Z maximum power as well as adaptable top pin connectivity through an advanced new spring adjusted top pin that adjusts to 510 connector pins of varying heights.

The 134MX-Z is designed with a unique advanced safety feature which adds convenience and your own personal style to the firing system. After selecting your preferred Zodiac symbol from the 12 starsigns, the rotational wheel is used to lock or unlock the 134MX-Z; only when your chosen Zodiac is selected the unit will fire.

The 134MX-Z has replaceable parts and is designed for long term use with a Golden Spring and white plastic selection wheel included in the kit.

The advanced features, high quality build and long term durability will make the 134MX-Z ‘Zodiac’ a favorite with vapers throughout the universe.

Technical Specifications: 

The iTaste 134 MX-Z uses IMR high-drain unprotected 18650 batteries 

Battery Length: 64.40—66.20, 3.7V.

The iTaste 134 MX-Z cannot use 2 stacked batteries.

Output Voltage is directly correlated to Battery voltage.