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Farm To Vape Mango KIT

Farm To Vape Mango KIT

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The Farm to Vape (FTV) Mango kit is designed to turn your concentrates or oils into eliquid. The Farm to Vape Kit comes with 10ml of Mango flavored Thinner and a boil-able glass dropper bottle for mixing/thinning your concentrates into the perfect liquid consistency. The natural mango flavor has a natural terpene profile that adds a light tropical taste to help accentuate the existing subtleties of your concentrate's flavor. The revolutionary FTV dropper bottle boil method makes thinning waxy oils quick and easy. Just place your concentrate in the dropper bottle, add two to three times as much FTV Mango as you did concentrate. Close the cap. Submerge in boiling water for three minutes (caution this oil will be hot, this should go without saying, but we are saying). Done, ready to fill your tank! It’s that easy. FTV Mango is made from our proprietary blend Polyethylene Glycols PEG 400, PEG 300 and natural flavoring. Made and bottled in the USA.