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Phenotype RDA Clone

Phenotype RDA Clone

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Phenotype L RDA by Anarchist x Aria Built

The Phenotype L RDA is a collaborative effort by Anarchist and Aria Built, designed specifically for building enthusiasts and performance chasers, integrating an efficient two post design, enormous adjustable vertical airflow slots, a stealth delrin 510 adapter, and a delrin competition bore top. Designed by Anarchist to be utilized with a wide variety of coil configurations and vaping styles, the Phenotype L features a two post design, with each post hole measuring 3mm in diameter. The positive post is 24K Gold Plated for additional conductivity, while pairing with PEEK insulators for high heat resistance. A 4mm deep juice well provides ample wicking and juice reservoir space. Airflow features quadruple 3mm wide by 6mm high vertical airslots on each side, providing an absolutely tremendous amount of maximal airflow. Airflow can be adjusted from the top cap to be throttled down to almost completely closed, allowing for a great range of airflow. The Phenotype L features a stealth delrin 510 drip tip adapter complete with a stainless steel tapered drip tip alongside a 11mm competition bore delrin drip top. Designed by builders, made for builders. The Phenotype L RDA by Anarchist x Aria Built.

Product Features:

    22mm Diameter
    Two Post Design
    Deckmilled Negative Post
    24K Gold Plated Positive Post
    3mm Diameter Postholes
    Inset Flathead Screws
    4mm Deep Juice Well
    Quad Vertical Airflow
        3mm Wide by 6mm High
    PEEK Insulators
    Gold Plated Contact
    Stealth Delrin 510 Drip Tip Adapter
    11mm Competition Bore Delrin Drip Top
    Engraved with Phenotype L, Anarchist and Aria Built Logos
    Available in Stainless Steel and Black PVD