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Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0

Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0

  • 1000
  • Save $12999

Product Description

Overview of Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 Starter Kit

Introducing Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 Starter Kit, the ground breaking, next generation MOD from Innokin and Evolv. The new design features more power, intelligence, and durability. The all new iTaste SVD 2.0 is equipped and controlled by a next generation, ultra-intellegent and powerful Experience‚Ñ¢ DNA Microchip. It delivers higher precision, a maximum output of 20W and a minimum resistance of 0.5ohm. The slick and more ergonomic body fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The iTaste SVD 2.0 is controlled by three buttons and an LCD display on the side of the device.

Features of Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 Starter Kit

  • Variable Voltage: up to 20W
  • Variable Wattage: from 0.5ohm
  • Chip: Evolv Experience‚Ñ¢ 20W DNA Microchip
  • Technology: Evolv ‚ÄòStep Down Technology‚Äô
  • 18650 and 18350 battery tubes
  • 510 and eGo connection adaptors
  • Colors: Stainless Steel and Black
  • Kit includes a carrying pouch with battery tester
  • Batteries not included